Inquiry Questions

I am currently enrolled in a course where we are looking at course design and syllabi.  There is so much to consider when putting a course together for academia.  I understand the need for having students do more of the work than I do, but even the way that we look at designing the work is significant as we plan.  I read a very good article by Elizabeth Davis  and Marcia Linn.  In this article they determined that inquiry has three kinds of questions that we should focus on to guide our students into deep, meaningful learning:

1.  CRITIQUE questions that develop a critical eye when using and evaluating evidence

2. DEBATE questions use theory comparison projects to help students see multiple sides may exist to the argument

3. DESIGN questions that aid in the design of a project and encourage students to integrate their knowledge of the content.

I am going to make sure that the questions I have in the future focus on these kinds of questions.  I believe it will make my lesson writing much stronger.  Thank you Elizabeth and Marcia!!

Davis, E.A. & Linn, M.C. (2000).  Scaffolding students’ knowledge integration:  Prompts for reflection in KIE.  International Journal of Science Education, 22(8), 819-837.  doi: 10.1080/095006900412293

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