Cloud Technology

Cloud computing is a world of applications

Cloud computing is a world of applications

The value of cloud technologies have become too great to ignore. Basically, there are three broad categories of cloud technologies: cloud software as a service (SaaS) or application computing, cloud platforms as a service or storage, and cloud infrastructure or networks as a service.

•‍Software as a Service (SaaS) includes on-line programs that can be used to create or modify products. Examples of popular virtual software include Google Aps and Adobe Connect.
•‍Platform as a Service (PaaS) includes spaces where documents can be held to be accessed at will. Examples of popular storage sites include Huddle, Wikispaces, and Dropbox.
•Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has been extremely valuable for businesses and non-profits (such as schools) that operate with limited resources. Cloud infrastructure as a service makes it possible for university professors to have access to a supercomputer that can crunch megafiles worth of data without bogging down their own system. It also allows multiple stations to be connected to expensive email, software, collaboration and share tools at a reduced rate. Another benefit to a cloud-based infrastructure is that you only pay to support the stations that you need.


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