For the past four years, it’s been my privilege to work and study at the University of Cincinnati. UC is well known nationwide as a research school, and during my years there I’ve studied with some truly gifted people.

I first came to UC as part of a team writing science curriculum for the Odgen City School District in Utah. That was my first encounter with STEM education, and since then I’ve devoted all of my energies towards learning more about this new science teaching focus.

Wanted - an Inquiry Teaching Toolkit

Wanted – an Inquiry Teaching Toolkit

My current research centers around tools for inquiry-based teaching. When most people think of tools in connection with science education, they think of microscopes, Erlenmeyer flasks, and computers. When I consider tools for inquiry, I’m thinking about teaching techniques that range from something as simple as a whiteboarding technique to a complete inquiry framework which guides students through inquiry step by step. My goal is to create an educator’s Inquiry Teaching Toolkit.

I’ll be sharing some of these tools in my posts in the STEM and Technology Tools categories.

tool image by Seditious Canary

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